Beginners to Intermediate Pilates Classes – Online Live, Virtual Pilates Classes

Our Pilates classes are Open To (1) All Age-Groups, (2) All-Fitness Levels,  (3) Women and Men.
Exercise variations, modifications or alternatives are always shown, in case an exercise
or movement is not suitable or you don’t want to do an exercise for some reason.
Beginners to Intermediate Pilates Classes take placeMonday and Wednesday Morning * 10:00am <<
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Book hereFive reasons for choosing Martin’s classes:
1. Full 60min long Online Classes
2. Live-Personalized Feedback
3. Small Classes – max. 10-12 Participants per Class
4. 18 years of industry experience.
5. Coffee/Tea Chat after the class. Ask me any Exercise, Fitness, Pilates or Nutrition Question you always wanted to be answered.
During these classes we focus on:
1. Strengthening and Toning your various Abdominal Muscles with Core Exercises
2. Mobilizing and Loosening your Back and Spine
3. Stretching and Loosening the Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back as most of us are sitting a lot these days and that area tightens up a lot
4. Stretching tight Hamstrings, Calfs, Hip-Flexers and Lower Body Muscles

See you soon during one of these Online-Live Pilates and Fitness Classes or during one of my In-Person Classes.