**Free Trial – Online-Live Classes** for previously In-Person Class Participants

Hi all,
check below video for an *exclusive offer* (for the next two weeks 26th October – 8th November) for those who attended my In-Person Classes before mid-March 2020 in either Taney Parish Center in Dundrum, in Belarmine Community Centre or Sandyford Community Centre.

In all classes you will only see me, this will allow you to see me better and you maintain the privacy of the other class participants.
You can also switch you camera off if you want.

We use the following live-video call/class website https://www.whereby.com/pilatesonline365.com for the classes.
No Password, No Login needed and the class website link stays always the same.

Register you interest in the Free-Trial Online Classes here:

(1) Mens Pilates & Core Strength Classhttps://PilatesOnline365.as.me/freeTrialTuesdayClass
(2) Conditioning & Strength Classhttps://PilatesOnline365.as.me/freeTrialThursdayClass

or send me a message with your Name, Mobile-Phone Number and E-mail address and the class you are interested in.