Pilates & Exercises Videos

(4) Video #4 – Home Pilates,  Core Strength Sample Routine from my Online “Pilates for Golfers Class”
(3) Video #3 – Check  various Sample Class Snippets – View parts of a Live Online Pilates & Stretching class
(2) Video #2 – Pilates Swimming or Superman/women (for a Back, Spine Stretch, a bit lower/mid Back Strength)
(1) Video #1 – Warm-Up & Loosening, Stretching Routine Standing (mainly Back, Neck, Spine & Shoulders)

Below four initial Pilates, Exercise and Stretching Videos from the “News Page” / News Section” to get you started:

      1. Home Office – Stretching Video – 10min Neck, Back, Shoulder Loosening & Stretching Routine
      2. Pilates Video – Shoulder Bridge (Benefits are back mobility, a spine stretch, back loosening)
      3. Pilates Video – Pilates for Golf / Golfers “A Back Strengthening and Loosening Routine, Mini-Programme”
      4. Pilates Video – Warm-Up Exercise Roll-Down with a Push-Up

Video Link to more Pilates, Core-Strength and Exercise Videos.

Here a link to some of the videos that I recorded in the past – Video Link, that will keep you going until I managed to (1) record, (2) edit, (3) upload more new videos. Some of the videos are Pilates and Core Strength Videos, others are Mobility and Flexibility Videos, plus you should find a two or three Strengthen and Conditioning Videos as well, beside some general Health & Well-Being advice.