30/30 > 30min Toning & Conditioning + 30min Pilates & Core Strength

30 30 - 30min Toning Conditioning 30min Pilates & Core Strength with Martin in South Dublin Ireland v3 Join or Try my *new* 30/30 Fitness and Exercise Online Class, Virtual Class. We do a mix of Toning, Conditioning Exercises, as well as Pilates, Core Strength, Mobility Exercises and Stretching & Flexibility Movements.

These classes are *open to*
(1) All Fitness & Experience Levels, (2) All Age Groups, (3) Women and Men and are here to (1) Get you Fit, (2) Help you to Stay Fit and (3) Encourage & Motivate you to Stay Active & Healthy!

Here a sample class format:

(1) 30min > Toning & Conditioning 
(1a) 5min > Warm-Up Loosening and Mobilizing
(1b) 20-25min > Toning & Conditioning Exercises

We combine and mix *simple* Body-Weight Exercises (you don’t need any experience with these movements), i.e. variations of Lunges, Squats, Push-Ups, various-Pulling & Back-Strengthening Movements, Cardio-Exercises, i.e. Pseudo Skipping. And will occasionally use props or pieces equipment, i.e. Water Bottles, maybe a backpack with books in it or other items you have at home.

Exercise variations or alternative exercises will be demonstrated if a particular movement or exercise is not suitable for you.

We will focus (1) Good Form/Technique, (2) Controlled & Safe Moments and (3) mainly on Multi-Joint Exercises (sometimes called compound exercises) so *You Get the Most Out of Your Time Exercising*.

(2) 30min > Pilates and Core Strength Exercises
(2a) 20-25min > Pilates, Core Strength & Mobility Movements
(2b) 5-10min > Cool-Down, Warm-Down Flexibility, Loosening & Stretching.

Online Fitness Coaching Pilates Classes Lessons Personal Trainer South Dublin Foxrock Deansgrange Cabinteely Leopardstown Sandyford Stepaside Stillorgan Dublin 18 D16 D14Theses Online Classes, Virtual Classes take place.
Monday 10am-11am and Thursday 7pm-8pm (Irish Dublin Time)

Please print, fill out ( take a picture with your phone or scan) and e-mail us the following
Health Screening Form before you attend your first class.
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Contact us here with any questions you might have or to book your *FREE* Trial Class above.
Alternetaviley you might purchase eight, four or one class credit(s) that can be used for all Mid-Morning or Evening Pilates & Fitness Classes.
Stay Fit, Stay Active and Stay Healthy!