Your Feedback, Suggestions or Ideas

Online Personal Training One-to-One Coaching Lessons with Martin Luschin in Dublin Ireland 2We would love to hear from you with any (1) Ideas, (2) Suggestions or (3) Feedback you have, so we can improve and better the classes as a team. Some call this Co-Creating

Thank you in advance.
Thursday 23rd of April 2020

After teaching 21 Live-Virtual Online Classes, between 27th of March and 23rd of April, it’s time to reflect and focus on Learning, Evaluating and Assessing. ( 17 Group Classes & 4 One-to-One Personal Coaching Sessions).

It’s time to find out what can be improved, what should be removed, what needs to be added.

I increased the class duration from initial 30minutes to 60min in the last week. You can now choose between *nine* different morning and evening live-online-classes.

And participants numbers are kept intentionally small, low(ish), to a maximum of 10-11, so I’m still able to give you Live-Class-Feedback – as in our normal in-person classes.  

Please focus with your comments, feedback and ideas on the following and be as honest as possible:

    1. How easy or … maybe not easy, was it to book a class? What were the challenging parts of the booking process, if any?
    2. What was the audio and video quality like during the live-classes or sessions?
    3. What was it like to access or logon to the actual class? Up to now I consciously did *not* use Zoom, after hearing from various security and privacy issues with Zoom, plus I’m very happy with so far. seems to have been reasonably easy to access for the majority of you. 

Thank you – Martin