Covid-19 update – Live-Online Classes & Pre-Recorded Classes are coming soon … I’m working hard on getting everything in place ….

It has been a surreal time, over the last few days and weeks. Things around Covid-19 / Coronavirus evolve with an incredible pace and we have to adapt to a new way of living, interacting, socializing more online and on the phone etc and (1) Containing the virus, (2) Minimise the spreading, (3) Looking after the vulnerable, (4) Caring for those close to you, your neighbour and local community.

Since St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday afternoon, 17th March 2020, I’m working setting up and tweaking this website and getting live-online-classes and pre-recorded classes going as soon as possible to help you stay fit, mobile, flexible and active.  

Please REGISTER your INTEREST in these types of Online-Classes here, so I can contact you once the classes are up and running.

Stay Active, Stay Fit and Stay Positive !

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