News #12 Your Feedback, Suggestions and Ideas are what is needed. Thank You – for contributing!

Online Personal Training One-to-One Coaching Lessons with Martin Luschin in Dublin Ireland 2This is mainly for those who attended one or several of the 21 Group Live Classes or One-to-One Online Coaching Sessions, that I taught in the last four weeks. I can’t believe that it is already four weeks ago that I started to teach online classes.

Could you please help out and make suggestions, leave feedback or let me your ideas in relation
(1) “How the website, the classes, the booking process and class sign-up process could be improved?” or
(2) “What you think we could get rid off, remove or leave out?”

>> Here the link to the Feedback-Page & Suggestions-Page.  <<<

>>> Here the link to the Feedback-Page & Suggestions-Page.  <<<

Thank you in advance.
Your thoughts, help and opinions are much appreciated.