News #1 Trial Live Class – Explainer Video – How to access your Live Pilates Online Class or Online Pilates Lesson

A few of my current Pilates Class Customers and Pilates Class Participants got an invitation for a free *Trial Live Class*, which will last around 20min.
I will run several short trial classes with three to five participants to see and figure out how this will all work best for you.

Please read these set-up-tips before watching the Explainer Video, this should make your and my life a bit easier.  Thanks Martin

Here a few tips on how to to get most out of your Online Live Class:

      1. Use the device with the biggest possible screen, so it’s easier to see me.
        A laptop or desktop is probably better than a phone or tablet.
        Some of you might be able to mirror or cast your tablet’s or phone’s screen to a big screen TV, which would even be better.
      2. Have your exercise, Yoga or Pilates mat, maybe a rolled-up towel or a small cushion ready to support your head or neck.  A glass of water might be a good idea to stay hydrated.
      3. Position the camera of the phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or other devices so that I will be able to see your full body and your exercise mat, if relevant and so you can look at the screen without having to twist your neck too much.
      4. A few tips on how to get the best Internet Signal on your viewing-device:
        (1) ideally connect your device via an Ethernet cable to your WIFI router (forget this if you don’t know what an Ethernet cable or router  is)
        (2) If you use WIFI to connect to your homes Internet, try to be in the same room as your internet router (the small box that sends out your internet signal in the house). Your signal might be weaker if you are up in the first or even second floor or at the back of the house.
        (3) Close or switch off all or as many apps, programmes, browser tabs etcs. as possible to make life easier for your device.
        (4) for phone users/viewers: Try to connect to your home WIFI signal, as this might give you a stronger internet signal than your phones internet signal.
        (5) You might ask others in your house to minimise, reduce or even stop watching data-intensive videos, playing games etc. if your video connection is really bad and see if that helps.
      5. The following browsers should allow you access to the live online classes:
        (1) Non-Apple Computers i.e. Windows Computer, Chromebooks, etc. [1] Chrome Browser [2] Firefox Browser
        (2) Android devices: [1] Chrome Browser [2] Firefox Browser
        (3) iPhones, iPad: you will need to download and install the following “Whereby – Video Meetings App (click here)
        (4) Apple Computers: [1] Safari Browser version 11 or higher
      6. Please go five minutes before the class starts to the relevant website-link and try to access the website and set yourself up.
      7. Allow or Give the website/program access to your (1) Camera and (2) Microphone.
      8. Turn up the volume so you can hear me properly.
      9. Please enter your full name when asked for your name, when logging on to the website.  You will most likely have to “electronically knock” at the door of the “virtual classroom” and I will only let invited participants in.
      10. That should be all …. See you soon online for your first LIVE Online Pilates, Fitness or Exercise Class.

Stay Active, Stay Fit and Stay Healthy!